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As building owners and business owners from inception through today, we bring a unique perspective to our views regarding The Village at Harmony Crossing.  As POA members we benefit from the broad experience, diverse skills, and keen interest of our fellow POA members.  Each of us has a significant stake in the long term success of our Center, and we plan to continue to strive to meet that goal.  As Business owners of Oconee Interiors, and The Kitchen Store & More, we feel we have a superb location and a unique Center layout that lends itself to shoppers with more than one destination location in mind.  Our business has been operating successfully since the opening of the center.  We believe it is a wonderful location for serious minded business people.  We’d love to see even more great businesses and restaurants come to our center.
Emilio Alea
Owner, Oconee Interiors and The Kitchen Store & More




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